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Paper Planes is a 5 piece Pop Rock band based out of Normal, IL. The members include Jack Wenstrup (Lead Vocals / Rythmn Guitar), Collin Page (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Connor Page (Bass / Backing Vocals), Anthony Gomez (Keyboard), and Austin Gannon (Drums). The band formed at Illinois State University and are all incoming Sophmores. Collin and Connor Page are twins and while Connor was in the Army during our Freshman year of college Anthony played bass until Connor got back. The band draws inspiration from Early 2000's Pop Punk bands like Blink-182 and Good Charlotte. The band has just released a debut Self Titled EP that they recorded at Cinnamon Sound Studios in Aurora, IL. Paper Planes live show consists of a mixture of their original songs of that EP and live EP they recorded last year and covers of songs from bands they grew up with like Third Eye Blind and Fall Out Boy. They play shows in the Chicago area as well as in the Bloomington-Normal area while they're in school. Paper Planes goal is to bring guitars and real instruments back onto the radio and to give you a live show you don't want to miss.


Austin plays the drums in Paper Planes. He grew up in Oak Lawn, Il. He got involved in music at the early age of 7 years old. Taking drum lessons for over 13 years, he has been in several bands, a couple of which are Proving Ground, The Mad Hops, Eight Pound Gorilla, The Missing Pages, and others. His favorite food is pulled pork and the only fluid he drinks is slurpees. He's in a rap group called Past Komensky so hit their line if you know what's good.


Collin grew up in Oak Lawn, Il. His twin is Connor Page. He currently plays lead guitar and sings harmony for Paper Planes. He has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. Starting on piano, he quickly transitioned to guitar at the age of 7 and continued music. He was a member of the choral program and band program in Junior High and High School. He is currently double majoring in Music Education and Composition at Illinois State University. He was in several bands in high school, the most popular (but still not very) was The Missing Pages. The band consisted of Austin Gannon and Connor who are currently in Paper Planes. His Birthday is February 19th.


Connor also grew up in Oak Lawn, Il. His twin is Collin. He plays bass and sings harmony for Paper Planes. Connor was involved in high school and junior high choir and band. Connor is also in the Illinois National Guard. He was involved in NJROTC in high school. He is majoring in Computer Science at Illinois State University. His middle name is Scott, his favorite food is pizza and his birthday is February 19th. He was also a member of The Missing Pages before Paper Planes.


The twins mother died when they were 6 years old and this experience has influenced their passion for music.


Gomez spent half of his childhood in Berwyn, IL and half in Plainfield, IL. He started playing piano at the age of 8 but grew a passion for music when he picked up a guitar in 8th grade. He played several sports in high school and did musical theatre all four years. As a musician he had formed several groups with his friends and has even performed internationally with Wazzy Stuff. He is currently an Arts Technology major and enjoys graphic design, sound engineering, and sleeping in. His favorite food is spaghetti and his birthday is June 25th. It's not commonly known that Gomez's first name is Anthony, but why call him that when you have a cool last name.


Jack grew up in Aurora, IL, but was born in Atlanta, GA. He sings lead vocals and plays guitar for Paper Planes. Jack has been playing guitar since the age of 8 and has been singing since he can remember. He started choir in Elementary School and was heavily involved in the music program in High School. He is double majoring in Marketing and Music Business at ISU. Jack's birthday is November 17th, his favorite food is popcorn and BBQ chicken, and he was in several bands in high school including Yellow Means GO, The Lucky Ones, and Here We Stand.

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